Seventeen days til school starts

Both my children. One school. One pick-up and drop-off location. One vacation schedule. If I were even a little more obsessed, I'd find one of those countdown widgets to put in my sidebar.

And on the home front, I have a desk again. By the end of this week, I should have shelves on which to put my papers/supplies/files/diploma again. (Since my desk is really just a folding table.) And maybe, once that happens, we can move the computer back to a more functional location. And then, THEN, I'll be itching to write once again. Or rather to type once again, rather than just the bare minimum to respond to comments.

Until then, I'll recommend to you the blueberry pie recipe I posted a year and a half ago. I made it again last week and it was great!

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Blogger anj said...

Good to hear from you; I am glad you have a desk, that shelves will be forthcoming, and mostly, that school will be simplified this year. Yeah! I am looking forward to hearing more when you have time and ability to write.

8/20/2007 9:35 AM  
Blogger Nancy A said...

I am *so* with you! I could not believe my elation when my two kids went off to school on the same day at the same time. What a wicked mother, I danced through the whole house, then went for a three-hour walk!

Lovely blueberry pie recipe. Mine is very similar but a bit simpler. I grew up in wild blueberry country and still go off every summer to do my few hours of picking. I can't imagine life without blueberries.

This is the pie I grew up with. My 9-year-old daughter can make it.

Wild blueberry pie

3/4 cup white sugar
4 Tbsp cornstarch, mixed into sugar
1 cup water
1/2 cup wild blueberries
4 to 4 1/2 cups blueberries (either fresh or stone-cold frozen, not half-melted)
1/2 Tbsp butter
1 pie crust, cooked (graham is good)

Mix water, sugar, starch, and 1/2 cup berries. Bring slowly to a boil, stirring, till the berries explode and the glaze thickens.

Remove from heat. Add butter and stir. Gently pour in fresh berries or frozen berries and turn till just covered. Press into pie crust.

If using fresh berries, chill in the fridge for at least 3 hours. If using frozen berries, let thaw slowly, covered, on the counter for about 5 hours.

If the berries are frozen hard, they don't lose their texture.

8/25/2007 3:06 PM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

Nine days to go. I still don't have those shelves, but maybe by next weekend.

Anj and Nancy, great to hear from you again.

Nancy,that sounds like a great pie recipe. I doubt there will still be blueberries at the farmers' market this week, but I know where to get frozen wild blueberries.

8/27/2007 4:45 PM  

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