Green and not just for children

If you don't live in San Mateo County, you may not be aware that there's yet another election coming up next Tuesday, June 3rd. (The third of four this year.)

If you do live here, did you know that we have the opportunity to vote on a county measure that would provide new, dedicated funding for local and county parks? As a mother, I know just how important our local parks are for my two boys. Measure O would be a small increase in the sales tax -- 1/8 of a penny or a less than $2 a month for most people -- that would raise $16 million a year countywide for parks and recreation.

South San Francisco's share would be about $650,000 a year, all funds to be spent over and above money that is already going to our parks. I understand the plan would be to spend the funds here locally would be to provide overdue maintenance and repairs to ball fields, street trees, and park restrooms, create new baseball and soccer fields near Calwater, complete Centennial Way bicycle and pedestrian pathway, construct a dog park adjacent to Orange Park, renovate picnic shelter and restrooms at Westborough Park, establish new park in the Sunshine Gardens area, and restoration and trail maintenance on San Bruno Mountain.

As a tax measure, Measure O needs two-thirds vote in order to pass. A similar measure was on the ballot in 2006 and won 55% of the vote. On any other kind of measure, that would be considered a "landslide" these days. If you care about parks, I hope you will take the time either to get your absentee ballot in this week or go to the polls next Tuesday to vote YES on Measure O. We need a good turnout of folks who care about parks to get out and vote June 3rd.

There's more information about the measure at www.ParksfortheFuture.org if you want to read up on it. My friend, Holly Van Houten, is the campaign outreach coordinator if you'd like more information at outreach@supportparks.org.

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