What I'm Reading Now - Sixth Month 2008

Self-supported Ministers: Lest We Forget by Billy M. Britt (thanks, Rausie)
Quaker Life, March/April 2008 issue (thanks, Katie)
Septimus Heap Book Two: Flyte by Angie Sage (thanks, Henry)
Soul Graffitti: Making a Life in the Way of Jesus by Mark Scandrette (thanks, Joanne)
A Christianity Worth Believing by Doug Pagitt (ditto)
The Eternal Promise by Thomas Kelly (thanks, Gregg)
The Carillon: A Monthly Magazine for Quakers in Arkansas, September 2006 issue (thanks, Tina)
Trustee Handbook: A Guide to Effective Governance for Independent School Boards by Mary Hundly DeKuyper (thanks, Chris)
Artisans of Democracy: How Ordinary People, Families in Extreme Poverty, and Social Institutions Become Allies to Overcome Social Exclusion by Jona M. Rosenfeld and Bruno Tardieu (thanks, Peggy)
Friends Journal, June 2008 issue (thanks, Gabe)

With much gratitude to all the people who have brought these books and magazines to my attention and into my hands in many different ways recently


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