What IS going on with the Green Party?

"On my ballot in California, Nader is running on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket, not the Green Party. I am really disappointed in local Green party activist Matt Gonzalez for getting into Nader’s self-aggrandizing run rather than supporting McKinney. Makes him no better than Sarah Palin.

I voted for McKinney in the primary, and the Green candidates wherever else I can find them. But I voted for Obama today, just because I want to be part of his victory."

My comment on Racialicious this morning.

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Blogger Elaine said...

I have a very long process for setting goals, because i'm so slow at reaching them. But because i believe that the two party system creates the opportunity for too much abuse of power, i really want to see that change. I finally realized that the place where seeing a change from the R/D option would be effective is in the House. So, i want to move in the next two years to help raise awareness of how my incumbent House rep is doing X when the Green party would support Y.

I guess that means joining the Green party?

11/04/2008 6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post caught my eye as a disillusioned Green in the Deep South. The Green *movement* is where my political loyalties and hopes are. But the GPUS? Much less so.

11/26/2008 4:00 PM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

Judieleaine, are we in the same House district? Because my rep is pretty good, even if she's not Green.

Rob, can you give us an example of a Green chicken joke? Just curious...

12/06/2008 12:13 AM  

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