March workshops at BLQC

Two powerful and challenging workshops at Quaker Center in March:

March 6-8
Quakers and Social Class with George Lakey
A challenging exploration of how Friends relate to the divisions of social class

George Lakey is the Eugene M. Lang Visiting Professor for Issues in Social Change at Swarthmore College. He has led Class Matters workshops for, among others, Cambridge and New Haven Monthly Meetings and Friends General Conference. He founded and directed Training for Change and has led over 1500 workshops for people ranging from
therapists to striking steel workers, from homeless people to monks. A lifelong activist, he has written seven books and taught at Pendle Hill and Woodbrooke College in England. He is a member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting and received from the Fellowship of Reconciliation the 2008 Martin Luther King Peace Award.

This workshop also has Facebook and QuakerQuaker event pages.
For more about class issues and Friends, you can also read Jeanne's blog, Social Class & Quakers

March 27-29
Whither the Religious Society of Friends?: Five Conversations with Chuck Fager
- Anti-intellectualism among Quakers, and how it hurts Friends
- Are Quakers a "chosen people"? If so, is it a good thing?
- Friends, ecclesiology & the Quaker-wide web
- Quakers and peace; time to study war some more
- Keeping it Together; A Spirituality for Survival & Resistance

Chuck Fager is the Director of Quaker House, a peace and GI rights program in North Carolina. He has also spent the past forty years traveling among Friends, writing and speaking about issues that impact on Friends. He is the founder of “Quaker Theology”, an on-line magazine, and also published “A Friendly Letter”. He has written many books and articles about issues relating to Quakerism, and is particularly interested in how liberal Quakerism can meet the challenges
of the 21st century.

For more information about either workshop, you can download the flyers and/or contact Quaker Center directly at mail AT quakercenter DOT org. As always, meals will be vegetarian, the accomodations are comfortable and rustic in a beautiful setting, and scholarships are available.

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