Why don't you write more?

A couple of weeks ago, a Friend suggested that I should write a blogpost (100-1000 words usually) expanding on a tweet (140 characters) that I wrote. I said I'd like to write more, but this darn full-time job keeps getting in the way.

I am actually writing quite a bit these days, but it's all for work, not for play. But just for today, I thought I'd post links to some of the things I've written in the last few months.

First, I write a little introduction to the monthly newsletter for the Friends World Committee for Consultation in the Americas. And then usually I write some, but not most, of the other articles. Here you can read the latest one, titled "Let the Living Water Flow Through You!" If you'd like to read our archive of newsletters, including every bit of it that I wrote in the last year, you can go here: E-news Archives.

A few weeks ago, I wrote up a few reflections on the 6th World Conference of Friends for a report-back conference call. You can read my report, the notes from the other speakers, or listen to the call, all on this page of the FWCC website.

In the months before and after the Conference, I wrote a series of letters in English and Spanish to delegates, to yearly meeting clerks and to donors to the Travel Fund, but those are not archived online. In April I rewrote the description of our Visitation program for our website, but I see now that it needs to be updated again. I also write quarterly letters to the Representatives of Yearly Meetings who are members of the Friends World Committee. That is also due again in the next month or so.

I'm currently working on a longer explanation of the theme for our local gatherings in the coming year, "Let the Living Water Flow! Friends Serving God's Purposes." The short description on our website is a collaborative effort.

In August I've been invited to speak on a panel about leadership in the age of social media at the Earlham School of Religion Leadership conference. So I still need to write something for that.

And last, but not least, I write fund raising appeal letters. Here's the latest one, featuring the work of young adults and younger Friends in the Friends World Committee. If you'd like to make a donation to support that work, I'd be very grateful. 

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Blogger Martin Kelley said...

It's odd the situations we've gotten ourselves into. I spend most of my time encouraging others to write and so also don't write substantive pieces all that often. This trend started before the Friends Journal gig, as following blogs for QuakerQuaker ate up a lot of whatever discretionary time I could eek out. I've thought about officially archiving my blog and just using Tumblr for everything, including whatever long post I put out. It's not like the blog is really causing problems just sitting there but I hate electronic cobwebs.

6/28/2012 10:36 AM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

I still want to keep my blog. Even if I don't write here as often as I'd like. It doesn't feel like cobwebs yet, but more like archives of a spiritual transformation. And I really don't want to start trying to keep up more than one kind of blog, tumbler, etc.

6/30/2012 7:48 PM  

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