Some folks say there are no coincidences

Alas, I wanted to write another post but instead I spent last night reading the book my seven year old son happened to bring home from the school library: Steal Away Home by Lois Ruby. A fictional account of a young American girl who finds a skeleton in a hidden room in her house in Leavenworth, Kansas and finds out that her house was a stop on the Underground Railroad, by reading the diary that was left by the Quaker woman who had lived there and sheltered the slave woman who died there.

Quite a coincidence in reading material, I think.

Mostly I read it just to keep up with what new ideas my son is getting into. And to be sure the book wasn't too mature for him. I could brag that he's such a good reader for his age, but in fact it means he is able to read things that aren't at all appropriate for his emotional age. Another conundrum.

My reflections on the contradictions in my life, between what I know to be right and what I do, will have to wait.

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Blogger Tony B said...


Glad you posted, I like reading your stuff. Oddly enough, or not, I posted something on my blog recently (abreda@bolgspot.com, Moving Toward Stillness) which deals with both coincidences and slavery. The post is called "The broken Link". i hope you'll take time to read it and leave me a comment.

I don't believe in coincidences or accidents either. I believe in personal choice (free will) and that God has a plan for us all at the same time. I used to see these as mutually exclusive. I have grown to see that God, being all powerful, is more than capable of calculating all the possible choices all of humanity could make in every moment of every day and is able to balence all of that with nudges and leadings to create God's Will in every given moment in our lives. So we have "free will" to choose many things, what we say, what we do, but our choices are then met with leadings and experiences designed for us to grow from.

Your child's choice of a book was a free choice, but the subject matter was intended to make an impact (I think). I don't mean to sound like i know anything, I really don't. I am just a chef. I did like your pumpkin pie recipe by the way, as did those I served it to.

So, it's no coincidence that we both mentioned slavery in our blogs. You talk of the underground railroad and I of contemporary slavery in many forms. I am struggling with what I am meant to do about it (the rebound of slavery that is).

Hope you will check out my blog. Please keep writing.


12/08/2005 11:54 AM  

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