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Inspired by Jimmy Barnhill, I created my own map of the states I have visited. I don't know if I have a sentence for each one of them, but I'll try. Warning: I'm not as funny as Jimmy Barnhill.

1) California: Born and gonna die here. I am the person who lives closest to where I was born of anyone in my family, going back four generations. (Not including my children, who are still here in SF)

2) Oregon: I went with my high school drama class to Ashland. Also to Bend for my friend Coulter's wedding and then camping in the Columbia River Gorge and on the coast with Chris's sister's family. But alas, not since I discovered the amazing OR Quaker bloggers.

3) Washington: Went to Seattle on the way to and from Vancouver Island for our honeymoon

4) Arizona: Most recently for work

5)Idaho: Had to call and ask my dad, since I didn't remember. He says we stopped in ID on our way to Spokane from Glacier National Park. He told me the name of the lake, but I forgot already.

6)Montana: part of my family's grand tour of national parks when I was eight

7 Colorado: Most recently, for Christmas this year with Chris's family

8) Nevada: I grew up in the northeastern part of CA, Reno was the nearest airport. More ugly people in Reno per capita than anywhere else I've ever been.

9) Utah: Most recently, driving through with Chris when we moved back to CA. Terrible potholes, beautiful scenery. Not a good combination for a moving van. As a kid, we went to the Dinosaur National Monument which was awesome.

10) Wyoming: Spent a night in the Cheyenne bus station as a young adult when they closed I-80 because of the snow, on Greyhound bus ride from Salinas, CA to Washington, D.C..

11) New Mexico: I'm actually not sure about this one. I should have asked my dad, but I think we went to Four Corners.

12) Nebraska: drove through on the Greyhound. Grey, cold, flat.

13) Kansas: birthplace of my dad and site of a family reunion on my great-grandfather's homestead. Chris and I drove through KS in a blizzard in our rented moving truck on the drive to California. This is the first place I ever saw salad in a bag. We had been living for three days on truck stop breakfasts and peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch and dinner. When we got in the truck that morning, I said to Chris, tonight we have to stop somewhere with a salad bar because I need something green. But by the time we stopped in KS, the snow was so bad, I didn't want to go anywhere. Chris, however, was dying for a walk. So he went out in the snow and came back after he found a grocery store that had this newfangled salad: all cut up and washed already with the Caesar dressing and croutons right in the bag. I washed out the hotel ice bucket and mixed the salad right in it. I think we ate it with our fingers, but it was SSOOOOOO good.

14) Texas: I've flown through Dallas a few times, but I also spent two weeks in San Antonio on a Red Cross disaster relief team in 1997.

15) Minnesota: my college roommate was from Wayzata. I went to visit her family one time on the way back to college after Christmas. Her dad offered to take me out and help me get my Boy Scout badge for camping out in 50 below weather. Thanks, but no thanks.

16) Iowa: just drove through on the Greyhound going east

17) Missouri: drove through in the moving van going west. When we went through St. Louis, I thought, this is a city I could live in.

18) Louisiana: I spent a week in New Orleans and Covington, visiting families with the Fourth World Movement in preparation for the International Family Congress on Poverty

19)Illinois: spent 24 glorious hours off the Greyhound bus with a friend from college who took me to Lake Michigan, this crazy old bookstore, and a cool coffeehouse AFTER I'd had a nap in a real bed, a hot shower and his mom's real cooking

20)Michigan: My FIRST Quaker meeting was in Ann Arbor. Never been there before or since.

21)Indiana: Drove through going both ways.

22) Kentucky: Drove through going west

23) Ohio: When I first was in college in D.C., it blew my mind to realize that OH, WV and PA all touch. I could have pointed them each out on a blank map, but in my mind, they were in different regions of the country.

24) West Virginia: Drove through going west

25) Pennsylvania: I have been to PA most often for Thanksgiving dinner with Chris's cousins

26) Maryland: Chris and I lived in Landover when we were first married.

27) DC: I went to college in DC

28) Virginia: Most recently, for dinner at my friend Kathy's house during our 10th college reunion.

29) Florida: OK, I've only been to Miami for about four hours on my way to Colombia. But I did make a point of stepping outside the airport so I could say that I'd seen Florida. But it was too hot and I went back inside.

30) Delaware: Crossed it many a time, me and old George

31) New Jersey: Chris M. is from New Jersey. We have one of the best collections of New Jersey historical writings in SF, I think.

32) New York: The first week after I moved to The City of seven million people, I went to 15th St. Meeting. There I met three people who lived within three blocks of me. One of them was Chris. We were married there in 1994. Also, my mother was born on Long Island.

33)Connecticut: In 1998, we took Henry to visit one of my mother's cousins and her mother who still lived in CT.

34) Massachusetts: Drove through on the way to and from NH. We may also have passed through Rhode Island, but I'm not sure. I didn't count RI to make up for not being sure about NM either.

35) New Hampshire: My freshman year in college, I went to New Hampshire to stump for Dukakis in the NH primary. Ended up sleeping on a gym floor on my birthday. WE WON! But then he went and picked that lame VP and he lost.

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Blogger Liz Opp said...

I think Nebraska deserves a second chance, especially in mid-to-late March, when the sandhill cranes are migrating along the Platte River.

Jeanne and I went for the migration a few years ago, and even though it was wet, grey, and cold, it was a great experience!

Liz, The Good Raised Up

3/22/2006 11:27 PM  
Blogger GMC said...

What-You havn't visited Wisconsin yet?
We have sandhill cranes too. If you are ever in the area, please plan to visit MMM (Madison Monthly Meeting). I've read enough of your posts to feel like an old Friend.

3/23/2006 11:19 PM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

You may notice a certain trend to have visited all the states along Interstate 70 and 80, with a few outliers here and there.

I should have done a map of states where I have been to meeting for worship:

New Jersey
New York

3/24/2006 11:38 AM  
Blogger ef said...

Wow, Robin, that's an impressive list!

I've been to worship in

Monthly Meetings:


At Gathering:

New York

At Nightengales:


Seven states, I guess. Seems like it should be more. I feel like I"ve been to gathering more than 3 times, but maybe I haven't....

3/25/2006 11:22 AM  

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