Home Sweet Home

Keys to the front door? Check!
Furniture delivered? Check!
Electricity and water? Check!
Phone line functioning? Check!
Internet access? Check!

I'd hate to tell you how much all those checks added up to, but I think we're still solvent, at least.

Ahem. Bad puns aside, we are finally in our new home. I think there's only one room left that isn't usable because of all the spare boxes stored there. That would be the "study." The computer and printer are temporarily set up on top of boxes of wrapping paper and other craft supplies in my bedroom.

Pacific Yearly Meeting was good. But not much blogging came out of it. My life continues to be more homemaker than minister, at least through the month of August.

Except that my blogpost about Car Free Sundays was republished in Friends Bulletin. And I just found out that the article that Wess Daniels and I wrote in April, entitled "Convergence among Friends: From the "Kitchen" to the "Parlor" will be published in the October special issue of Friends Journal about FWCC. And of course, the Christian Friends Conference is coming up in a couple of weeks.

The comments continue at the post entitled Two Convergent Events in California. Including from Martin Kelley, Liz Opp, and Scott Savage. And a long comment from me too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,

I attended your interest group at the Gathering, which I found very interesting. I'm glad your piece will be published in Friends Journal (full disclosure: I work at FJ), since I think that the topic of "convergent Friends" deserves wider publicity than its current fame among the blog-savvy. Looking back at the October '06 FJ special issue ("What Are Friends Called To Today?"), it's impossible not to notice, in several of the pieces, a desire to set aside Friends' sectarian boundaries in the pursuit of a Quakerism closer to that of the first Friends. I look forward to seeing what conversation comes of your article in the Journal. Thanks!

8/08/2007 1:36 PM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

Thanks, Gabriel. I'm excited too about the article. I also really liked last October's issue. One of the good things that came out of our interest group at the FGC Gathering was that I got to meet Kat Griffith, I think that's her name, who wrote the article about her homeschooling group and the more recent article about religious education. I hope one day to meet you too!

8/09/2007 10:52 PM  

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