I saw a whale.

Maybe two. And a rabbit. And a red-tailed hawk so close I could almost touch it; I could see individual feathers as it soared around the hill just below me. And two blue herons. And lots of other birds. And one gray squirrel, along with at least four "don't feed the squirrels" signs.

I think I found a new place to walk by the ocean!

There are public bathrooms and a little cafe by the parking lot. The path is mostly a wide flat dirt road, with an optional climb to the top of the hill at the other end. There is access to the ocean beach on one side and a pond/wetland/golf course on the other side, backed by the coastal hills. It is not at all crowded, but it is well-traveled enough to feel safe.

I'm no longer taking S. to preschool every morning five blocks from the beach, so I had to find someplace new, and more convenient to our new home. This is close enough to go several times a week and even more beautiful than the old stretch.

That pretty much sums up my requirements for an exercise location. I so much prefer the smell of the sea over the smell of a gym.


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Blogger Nancy A said...

A whale. Sigh of envy.

9/13/2007 2:05 PM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

A woman walking her dog on the hill tried to impress upon me how lucky I was to see this my first time there. She scoffed, "Hmph, rabbits and hawks, you see every day here. But whales, you're lucky to see them once a year here!"

It's amazing the thrill in my gut just to see the tiny black spot in the middle of the ocean that was the fin surfacing.

9/13/2007 3:39 PM  
Blogger Chris M. said...

A red-tailed hawk? Cool! Like this?

-- Chris M.

9/14/2007 12:08 AM  

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