A Series of Highly Subjective Mini Book Reviews

I keep meaning to write these insightful book reviews about the great things I’ve been reading. But then I get bogged down in how to write about them without quoting half the book in the process, especially when I really like what the author has to say.

So I’ve decided to just write the little bits that come easily, which are largely not about the book but about me – or rather, the things I thought of when I read the book. Probably they shouldn't even be called reviews. More like "reflections on the occasion of reading a book." You can find more objective reviews elsewhere.

See? This blog is called What Canst Thou Say? Not what did somebody else already write. Feel free to write what thee thinks in the comments.

Upcoming titles that have inspired some reflection:

Holy Silence by J. Brent Bill

Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren

Getting Rooted by Brian Drayton

Christianity for the Rest of Us by Diana Butler Bass

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