Last minute thoughts

Today is the big day.

My suitcase is packed. My handouts are photocopied. Pretty soon I load up the car and the kids, stop to pick up Martin at the airport, and head to Quaker Center for the weekend. My husband is coming down after work with other Friends. Wess and his family are coming up a little later.

I’m excited and a little scared. Which I think is a healthy balance. Too much confidence is as much a bad sign as being completely freaked out. And I’ve hit both extremes in the last few months.

I’m curious about all the people who signed up to come. Some of them I know, some I’ve heard of but not met, others will be brand new friends. Will they like what we’ve planned? Will they like me? Will they like each other? Will the workshop be what they thought it would be? Will they be who I thought they would be?

I’m worried about the rain and mudslides and trees falling and the roads washing out in the Santa Cruz mountains. We may really be revisiting some primitive practices if the electricity goes out over the weekend. (If you’re coming, bring your flashlight. Even if the electricity doesn’t go out, you’ll want to have it at night.)

I’m really wondering about how it will work to have a whole weekend to talk about the emerging renewal movement in the Religious Society of Friends. Where do we see it already happening? What do we need to support our faithful obedience? How can we support each other? Will this be an experience that people remember for a long time, or just a nice weekend that will fade away? I know I can’t plan it all, even for myself, (Note to self: Repeat after me, “I am not in charge. I am not alone.”) but I can’t help wondering.

Most of all, I think I hope that people experience their Inner Teacher and that we have fun.

May God bless and keep us, each on our own journey, and together for the greater good.

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Blogger Gil S said...

Hi Robin. Do hope it all goes well. I wish I could be there but my thoughts and prayers will be with you. Perhaps you could also think of me during the weekend popping up occasionally and saying - this is important for the UK and other countries too!

Oh yes and I've always found 'Not in my own strength' a good note to self

2/21/2009 6:01 AM  
Blogger Imperfect Serenity said...

I like praying to "be well used." It's a way of honoring my piece of something without getting caught up in ego concerns.

Best wishes for all of you doing this work!

2/21/2009 10:36 AM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

Thank you Friends. It went well. I'm trying to compose a brief report for tonight, so that I can sleep better and write some longer pieces over the coming days.

2/22/2009 10:58 PM  

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