Some Quaker books we think are important

This list was part of the handout at our interest group at FGC Gathering 2006. I'm too tired to make all the links. If one sounds interesting and you can't find it, let me know.

You are also welcome to add books or pamphlets that have inspired you to deeper Quakerism in the comments.

The Book of Faith and Practice of your own Yearly Meeting

The Authority of Our Meetings is the Power of God by Paul Lacey (PHP#365, 2003)

Convinced Quakerism by Ben Pink Dandelion (Southeastern Yearly Meeting, 2003)

A Description of the Qualifications Necessary to a Gospel Minister: Advice to Ministers and Elders Among the People Called Quakers by Samuel Bownas 1676-1753 (Pendle Hill Publications and Tract Association of Friends, 1989)

Essays on the Quaker Vision of Gospel Order by Lloyd Lee Wilson (Quaker Press of FGC, 2001, originally published 1993)

An Experiment in Faith: Quaker Women Transcending Differences by Margery Post Abbott (PHP#323)

Gospel Order: A Quaker Understanding of Faithful Church Community by Sandra L. Cronk (PHP #297)

Living the Way: Quaker Spirituality & Community by Ursula Jane O'Shea (Quaker Home Service, 2003)

Members One of Another by Thomas Gates (PHP #371, 2004)

On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry by Brian Drayton (Quaker Press of FGC, 2006)

A Plain Life: Walking My Belief by Scott Savage (Ballantine Books, 2000)

Plain Living: A Quaker Path to Simplicity by Catherine Whitmire (Sorin Books, 2001)

Quaker Treasures by Marty Grundy (Beacon Hill Friends House, 2002)

Testament of Devotion by Thomas Kelly (HarperCollins, 1996)

Where Words Come From: An Interpretation of the ground and practice of Quaker worship and ministry by Douglas V. Steere (Quaker Home Service, 1985, originally published 1955)

Why Friends are Friends by Jack Willcuts (Barclay Press, 1984)

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