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When we're afraid to say we’ve found any answers about God for fear of offending anyone with a different answer.

And so we don’t share our spiritual lives very deeply and we don’t hold on to attenders who are looking for answers instead of just being content with empty questions.

This showed up in the fact that a Friend recently called a proposed workshop for folks who’ve been attending meetings for a couple of years an “Inquirers” class.

Plenty of bloggers and others have written more eloquently than me about the need for meetings full of convinced Friends to move from the refugee model to an immigration model.


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Blogger Robin M. said...

Glad you liked it, Tania. I ought to look a little harder for the links to some posts about the refugees vs. immigrants. I think some of the best were on beppeblog and it's no longer online.

2/08/2007 5:50 PM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

I've been puzzling over what to call the beyond intro to Quakerism level.

Would anyone else understand what I meant if I said a workshop or a class was for a journeyman (or woman) Quaker?

2/10/2007 8:29 PM  
Blogger Laurie Chase Kruczek said...

I know the Methodist church I went to a looooong time ago just had introduction classes, etc. called "What is Methodism?" It supposidly covered all the basics (class 1) then moved into much more in-depth studies in classes 2 & 3. Maybe something simplistic like that, as we are such champions for simplicity :)

ugh, what I wouldn't give for something like that out here where I live.....

2/17/2007 4:33 AM  

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