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This weekend I'll be offline, attending College Park Quarterly Meeting. It's the last session of my term as clerk of the children's program committee. I must admit to feeling rather lackadaisical about it this time - yeah, we have staff, and I did arrange for a children's service project, but I haven't given it the minute-by-minute planning that I have in the past. Definitely, it's time for a new clerk. I made a point of stopping before I'm completely bitter and burned-out on the children's program, so there's hope that I might agree to serve on the committee again some day, but not this next year.

However, in the absence of my blog being updated, I want to recommend to everyone the May issue of Friends Bulletin, the monthly magazine of the three unprogrammed yearly meetings in the western United States. It includes part one of a wonderful article on the history of the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference, by Pam Calvert of Strawberry Creek Meeting in Berkeley. It includes the Call to a Peace Sabbath from Colin Saxton, the Superintendent of Northwest Yearly Meeting (EFI) and three NWYM bloggers' posts about the day. It also includes an excerpt from my own updated definition of convergent Friends and several other interesting articles.

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