Blogging as Ministry at FWCC

I'm leaving tomorrow for the Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas annual meeting. I'll be up in Canby, Oregon until Sunday. If you're interested in getting together, I'll be hanging out at PDX each way...

More fun than that would be if you came to the meeting. If you live within a reasonable distance, just come on down for Friday or Saturday night. FWCC has arranged a $5 fee to attend just those evenings.

Friday will feature Jan Wood's talk on the theme of the meeting: "The vision is for its appointed time" Habakkuk 2:3

After that will be an interest group co-facilitated by me and Gregg Koskela, author of Gregg's Gambles, Elaine's husband, Talli, Hayley and Aubrey's dad, and Lead Pastor of Newberg Friends Church. We're going to talk a little about blogging as ministry, offer people a low tech blog reading/commenting exercise, and open it up for discussion. A side point will be to show how blogs have become part of the informal communication between branches of Friends. We will, of course, refer people to QuakerQuaker.org for more examples of Quaker social media.

On Saturday night, there will be a presentation by local Friends about the history of Quakers in the Pacific Northwest. I hope it will be as entertaining as last year's presentation by Friends in the Ohio-Indiana region. (see the picture here)

Each morning, there will be worship in the manner of various branches of Friends. Bible reading in the manner of Conservative Friends one day, programmed singing and a sermon the next, worship in Spanish one day and Sunday morning, I've been asked to close the unprogrammed worship. (Anyone who wants to help out is welcome!)

In between, there will be committee meetings, business sessions, worship sharing, meals and simple fellowship. There are other late night interest groups as well, but I don't know what they all are. You won't know how fun it all is unless you come.

If you are coming, and blogging about it, tag your posts with quaker.fwcc. If you're twittering, use the hashtag #fwcc. If you're not coming, you can follow the blogposts on the event page on QuakerQuaker.org

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