FWCC in Canby, part 2

Yesterday was a long and full day. I heard someone say this morning, this is worse than FCNL. but I had a good time.

The morning started with worship led by the Friends from Cuba. It was facilitated by a woman who is also on the worldwide FWCC Central Executive Committee. There was singing, a sermon by another Friend, and prayers by two NWYM pastors (in Spanish) as well. Like everything else, it was interpreted as it went, this time into English.

The business session was blessed by a graceful acceptance of the changes to the FWCC organizational structure and the budget. I think it all went smoother and faster than the clerks expected, but that was just fine.

At lunch I happened to sit down at a table that was having a wonderful conversation among and about Young Adult Friends with some older Friends about how to navigate the transitions from youth programs to general Quaker business sessions. I should write more about my thoughts on that topic another time.

After lunch were committee meetings and worship sharing. I'm on the Wider Quaker Fellowship committee, and we are both continuing to choose articles to reprint in pamphlet form and developing a new website to be a better interface for seekers.

Gregg Koskela arrived at dinner time, and we took a few minutes to finalize our plans for our interest group and then go to hear Jan Wood speak. I think he was surprised at how many Friends from Northwest Yearly Meeting were here, many of whom came just for the evening, but it was a significant presence.

I will write more about the interest group on blogging as ministry later.


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