Quaker Heritage Day 2011!

What: Heralding the New Creation: Mission as Participation in the Quaker Tradition
C. Wess Daniels will help us think about the renewal of our tradition through a renewal of mission. He will touch on the first Friends’ understanding of their mission, the way that 20th century evangelical Friend Everett Cattell thought about it, the ways that convergent Friends today are building new communities online and face-to-face, and how our local meetings and churches can live out the new creation by fostering a participatory culture. (download flyer)

Who: C. Wess Daniels (Wess is the released minister of Camas Friends Church, a father of two (really cool) little girls, a husband and a doctoral student at Fuller Theological Seminary. Among his many interests are nourishing Christ-centered faith, encouraging cross-branch friendships in the Religious Society of Friends and trying to start what he calls the “Quaker Revolution.” But since things happen closer to the pace of evolution among Friends, he spends the rest of his days enjoying tasty locally roasted coffee, reading books that make him look smarter than he really is, playing imaginative games with his daughters, and learning how to watch for unexpected moments of grace. He blogs at gatheringinlight.com)

When: February 12, 2011, 9-4 (plus optional dinner on Saturday night and worship on Sunday morning)

Where: Berkeley Friends Church 1600 Sacramento St Berkeley, CA 94702
Corner of Cedar Street, 2 blocks north of North Berkeley BART station.
Telephone (510) 524-4112 www.berkeleyfriendschurch.org /qhd

Why: Because it could change how you think about the future of Friends

My own spiritual journey has been forever changed because of my experiences with Quaker Heritage Day. You can read what I’ve written about it over the last five years here and in the October 2006 issue of Friends Journal (my article is not online).

Okay, I don’t want to raise people’s expectations beyond what Wess could possibly meet. But I do want to encourage everybody who reads this to come. Especially if you have any hope of being around Friends for the next forty years or more.

Here’s what I expect:

I expect to be engaged more than just sitting and listening all day. Wess is good at creating interactive and worshipful exercises.

I expect to be challenged. My horizons have been broadened a lot already in the last five years. I first met Wess at QHD in 2006 and he had already made me think outside my usual boxes just from reading his blog. But I still expect to hear things that make me question them and myself.

I expect to make new connections between the past and the future – how Quaker traditions can speak to us today and transform us for the future.

I expect to laugh. Wess has a dry and self-deprecating sense of humor and a fine appreciation for the absurdities of life and Quakerism.

Here’s what I hope:

I hope it will be an intergenerational event. I hope for equal numbers of people over and under 40. [Note to YAF: Come and bring your friends!!!]

I hope it will draw Friends from a wide range of geography. I think it would be worth coming from out of town for the weekend. If you need help finding a place to stay, let me know.

I hope it will draw Friends from a wide range of theology. I think Wess’s presentation will appeal to many Friends, even as it challenges each of us in different ways.

I hope Wess is brave in sharing what he really thinks. One of the previous QHD speakers didn’t go far enough, I think he pulled his punches, so to speak, and the Day suffered. It was still interesting but it wasn’t amazing.

I hope that someone in the Berkeley area will want to host dinner afterwards. We can order pizza delivered, so no cooking is required. But a place where folks can hang out, where kids can be safely, where we won’t be bothering the roommates or the waitstaff, that would be great. If you or someone you know could host, call or email me. I’m in the College Park Quarterly Meeting Directory and my email is in my profile in the sidebar. I’ve had a couple of offers in SF, but it would make more sense to stay in Berkeley.

Registration is by mail or by phone to Berkeley Friends Church. The event is free and open to all, but the suggested donation is $20 with lunch; $15 without. Donations are gratefully accepted and support this annual event. Make checks out to Berkeley Friends Church with ”Quaker Heritage Day” in the memo line. Child care is available with advance registration. I expect that my kids will be there, so they'd be really grateful if you would bring yours.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Robin, thanks for posting this. It's a steep order for sure. I'm pretty nervous about it, but I am trusting and praying that the power of the Lord will be over all.

Interestingly, if I had to hope and expect things from this weekend I think they'd pretty much be the same.

Thanks for being such a good support.

1/18/2011 10:29 AM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

Holding you in the Light, Wess!

1/18/2011 5:12 PM  
Anonymous Brian Young said...

Hi Robin--

Thanks for this--I've been meaning to respond since you put it up.

Re: "I hope it will be an intergenerational event." So do we! We've been floundering, though, as to how to engage younger Friends. Do you have any further ideas?

And re: dinner afterwards, the person who hosted last year's meetup is willing to do the same this year. That location isn't supremely convenient to public transportation, though, so let us know if you've gotten another East Bay offer.

And I think you'll get pinged back about this, but I linked to this post at our QHD blog, such as it is.

See you in a couple of weeks!

1/28/2011 7:28 PM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

Hey Brian,

I'm still looking forward to it. I know of at least six people from my Meeting who are coming, and excited about it. I have tried to get the word out to younger Friends in a few different ways, but I don't know how many are coming.

I just called the woman who hosted the after-party last year, but I but I haven't actually spoken to her so I'm glad to hear that she's up for it again. At least one of the people who came last year came by public transit and he said it was fine.

If anyone is hoping to go to that - you're invited, just see me at QHD and I'll give you better directions. I'll bring chocolate chip cookies, and we can order pizza when we see how many people are coming. (We'll collect for that on-site, it's not included in the QHD registration.) If you want to bring something salad-like or drinks to share, that's welcome but not necessary.

1/30/2011 9:44 PM  

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