Convergent Friends: From Small Nudges to Faithful Obedience

Tonight at the FGC Gathering in River Falls, WI, the two proposed interest groups on Convergent Friends with Laura Melly and Faithful Obedience with Robin Mohr and Liz Opp have been merged to meet together. (7:00, in the UC Ballroom, just beyond the Gathering store. In case you're planning to come.) We'll probably also meet up afterwards with folks who attend the Intrafaith Work Among the Various Branches of Quakerism interest group with Erin McDougall and Andrew Esser-Haines, and anyone else who wants to explore classic Quakerism in a postmodern context.

For me, these topics were always connected, at least in my mind. I've come to understand that this might not have been as clear to other folks. It is a pleasure to work with Liz and Laura to pull it all together. Please hold us in the Light.

This morning, I am able to post this because I'm working on my computer in the Junior Gathering Office to print out my schedule as Friend in Residence for Junior Gathering. More to come.

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Blogger Liz in the Mist said...

Hey Robin! I just got online for the first time since Friday to check emails (181 of them....) and saw this! You are doing an awesome, awesome job! :)

7/03/2007 7:19 PM  

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