Minimalist Environmentalism

Three little things you can do for the environment:

1) Save water: use the blecky water left over in your reusable water bottle each evening to water your houseplants instead of pouring it down the drain

2) Drive 55: do you remember when it became the national speed limit? Do you remember that back then it wasn't so much about preventing highway fatalities as about saving gas? I forgot that part. I was a little kid back then. But now I remember again. I am not ready to give up the convenience of my personal fossil-fueled vehicle. But I can go 55 mph, even if other people are going 80 in the left lane. It's legal, really, to drive 55 on the freeway. And it really does save a lot of gas, and oh yeah, money.

3) Don't buy bananas: or at least treat bananas as the expensive tropical treat that they would be if it hadn't been for U.S. political and military intervention on behalf of the U.S. fruit growers in Central America. I hear that you can get just as much potassium from apples, which are locally grown in many parts of the U.S..

These ideas are mine. But the idea for a blogpost today on environmental witness came from Blog Action Day, via Gathering in Light.

Yesterday, my Meeting held an extended period of consideration of our environmental witness, individual and corporate, as part of our monthly meeting for business. We should be posting our queries, along with some suggestions for action and a resource list on our website some time this year.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robin, great post. I didn't know that about bananas, I am going to have to change the amount I eat I see. Thanks for posting about this and I can't wait to see the queries.

10/16/2007 12:20 AM  
Blogger Robin M. said...

Thank you to you Wess for inspiring me. I don't have any grand plans for saving the earth, nor is my 10 foot square balcony "garden" a good place for composting, but these were three things that I already try to do.

10/16/2007 11:18 AM  

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