Sacred Compass 7: Richard Foster wrote the Foreword

This is part 7 of the “interview” I conducted with J. Brent Bill, author of Sacred Compass: The Way of Spiritual Discernment.

I have listed the question, as I sent it to him, in italics with an R. Then I have given his answer, marked with a B, and then my reply marked with an R but not in italics. Brent hasn’t seen this third part yet, but I hope to open up the conversation to you, my dear blog reader, to be part of this dialogue too. I can not promise that Brent Bill himself will answer your questions here – or even read them here – but I will try to continue the discussion if you’re interested.

As a final point to this introduction, I want to be clear that I’ve already read the whole book and I really liked it. I’ve already started recommending it to people in San Francisco. I commend it to your attention.

R: How did you get Richard Foster to write the Foreword?

B: I just asked him. It was almost that simple. I first met Richard back in 1978 or 79 in Elton Trueblood's study at Earlham College. He was doing an interview with Elton for Christianity Today and needed photographs. Elton knew I had been a photography major in college so I did the shoot for Richard and we became friends. He was in Indianapolis recently for a Renovare' conference and when he and I got together to visit I asked him if he'd consider doing the foreword. He graciously, without hesitation, consented. I was moved and grateful for his kindness. Especially after I read the foreword -- which is a wonderful piece of writing.

R: I figured it must be something like this. Do you ever wonder who you know now that’s going to be famous someday? What chance encounter is going to be important in the future?

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