My favorite holiday post

It's a trivia quiz. Who said this?

"Do this in remembrance of me:

Thou shalt make an altar of an evergreen tree. On its branches thou shalt place gold and other symbols of the things you love.

Beneath it, thou shalt offer sacrifices of clothing, cookware, and other items of household necessity. For children, thou shalt provide playthings for the coming year. Some of these sacrifices, once properly prepared for presentation, shall be shared with the poor and fatherless in thy community. The rest thou shalt leave on the altar until the appointed time.

On the twenty-fifth day of the twelfth month, thou shalt gather thy family, thy parents and thy offspring, thy brothers and sisters and their offspring, and all those who are related by blood to thee, in all the generations that may be living, around the altar. Together, you should carefully remove the presentation materials, carefully preserving these for the next year.

Thou shalt show gratitude to those who have prepared the offering and accept the gift in my name, because these are the sacrifices that are acceptable to me."

[This originally appeared in December 2005, and again last year around this time.]


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