FWCC and Convergent Friends, v.2010

Three years ago, I went to my first FWCC meeting. It was quite a production to leave my family for a week and go all the way across the country. I'd like to write more about how things have changed for me since then, but for tonight, I'll just offer some quick notes. I know more about FWCC now. I actually have less responsibility this time than that first time. But the biggest change is just that my sons are three years older now, and I'm less worried about leaving my family to fend for themselves. And I've gotten some good advice in the last few years about traveling in the ministry and the re-entry process, including Watch What You Fill Up On.

I will blog some from the sessions and then probably write more when I get home. Plus my review of Philip Gulley's If The Church Were Christian... will be published here on March 25.

And if you're anywhere in the mid-Atlantic region, join me (and Martin Kelley) in visiting the Oldtown Friends Fellowship on Sunday, March 21, 2010 in downtown Baltimore. Read more about it on QuakerQuaker.org Here is an old report from an earlier gathering like this, in Boston.

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