Convergent Dinner after QHD

I had originally planned to invite people to come to dinner afterwards at our house. It worked out fine last year, even though I live on the far side of San Francisco. But a few weeks ago, Lisa H. offered to host the dinner at her house, since she lives just a few blocks from BFC – within easy walking distance. (Thank you again Lisa – it was great this way.)

But then we both fumbled a bit, me over whether I could just keep inviting people to her house and her over whether she could just invite people to my party. In the end, we tried to invite all the people who were still there at the end of the day. About 20 people came in the end and I’m so glad they did. Only seven of whom were bloggers (that I know of): Wess, Emily, Max, cubbie, Lisa, Chris, and me. [This is why I should have written this sooner: now I'm worried I missed someone...] At least eight monthly meetings and four yearly meetings were represented, probably more. Max took photos!

About 5:30, another Friend happened to call Lisa to say, “I feel like going out to dinner or something. Would you be interested?” Lisa told her to come on over too.

Lisa made up copies of her own Quaker Playlist for all the attenders and a big pot of soup. Some Friends brought salad fixings. We ordered good pizza (but not from the Cheeseboard because they don’t deliver) and I brought a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

If you missed it, I’m sorry, leave me a comment or send me an email (the address is in my profile), and remember next time, if you read about it on my blog, you’re invited.

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