SFMM receives visit from FGC TMP

This past weekend, San Francisco Monthly Meeting hosted two visitors under the auspices of the FGC Traveling Ministries Program. Our ministry and oversight committee wanted to look at how to do a better job of noticing and nurturing the ministers (and elders) among us and to open a broader discussion of this topic within our meeting. The TMP sent us two amazing women, Deborah Fisch, of Iowa Yearly Meeting (conservative) and Beckey Phipps, of New England Yearly Meeting. They also serve as staff and clerk of the TMP committee, respectively.

Here's the brief outline of their visit:

Friday night: dinner with ministry and oversight committee for them to get to know a little about our meeting and to help us focus on our role as m&o in the work of supporting the ministry of our meeting's members.

Saturday morning: intensive, interactive workshop on ministry and eldering

Saturday afternoon and evening: meetings/Opportunities with individuals and small groups, for example a Friend and his support committee

Sunday morning: worship with SF Friends

Sunday afternoon: a second hour discussion for the whole meeting on leadings, ministry and eldering

Sunday evening: dinner at my house

So I've been a little busy, but I love it when one of my grand ideas actually comes true and is good for lots of people!

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Blogger Liz Opp said...

Hi, Robin--

I've been thinking about you, Chris M, Deborah, and Beckey nearly the whole weekend...

I imagine that some of what occurred at SFMM is confidential, but I'm hopeful that you or Chris M (or both!) will be able to share a bit about the more "open" parts of the weekend, such as the "intensive, interactive workshop on ministry and eldering."

I know you are busy and you are still digesting a number of things that have occurred in recent weeks, so do take your time, and I'll do my best to be patient. smile

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

3/26/2007 4:30 PM  

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