Work and Rest at Quaker Center

There is always a balance of work and rest to be sought in life, and available at Quaker Center. This fall it's more obvious than usual.

August 7-11
The Annual Community Work Camp
Service through spirit in community.
David Forbes and others

September 25-27
Restoration, Preparation, New Light
Massage, energy work, quiet, and laughing; restoration tools in hard times.
John Calvi

September 18-20 was supposed to be a workshop on "Opening Hearts & Minds: Speaking Truth to Power" with Bonnie Tinker. This was already rescheduled once due to the death of Bonnie's mother last spring. It is with shock and sadness that we announce that this program has been cancelled due to the sudden death of Bonnie herself on July 2, 2009. A memorial service is planned in Portland on 7/25 at 11 AM.


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Blogger jcf said...

Friends might be interested to know that there is a simultaneous memorial meeting for Bonnie Tinker at San Francisco Friends Meeting, 65 Ninth St., Saturday 7/25, 11 a.m. -- jcf

7/23/2009 1:47 PM  

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